Sync and Manage Acuity Scheduling Appointments with your CRM Leads & Contacts. 

Sync and manage Acuity Scheduling appointments with your Leads and Contact from within ZOHO CRM. 

Why do you need

 Acuity Integration ?

acuity before acuity after

What will our team do for you ?

01. Evaluating business requirements

Our team will look at your Acuity configuration, sync requirements before we propose a solution.

02. Development of integration solution

We will propose a project plan with the specifics of the sync (intake forms, calendars, other third party integrations such as SMS, Payment portal etc. ) and include timeline and estimates

03. Mapping Process

We will provide a business plan to establish the sync and go over the logic with you to finalize the details. It will include the triggers, notifications, and updates to be created with ZOHO CRM.

04. Configuring the application:

We will create the workflows and logic as outlined earlier.

05. Testing

Once the application is configured, our team will test it to ensure everything is working as expected

06. Training

Our team will provide documentation and help video to help you get the most out of your new integration