Company Cam Connect by Upwise Pro for ZOHO CRM

Features of Company cam

Contractors using Company Cam to organize their project data can now use COMPANY CAM extension for ZOHO CRM to leverage transparency into their job site progress and directly access project data from ZOHO CRM. Designed exclusively for general contractor industry and service companies who are looking for a simpler way to connect their customers and leads to an active project in Company Cam. CRM users can now use the extension to improve their job process, schedule work, track crews and vendors, reduce overhead costs, and simplify business process.

How to use this extension with your ZOHO CRM?

Use case:

Managing a project in the construction industry.


Customers, contractors, builders, architects, and other decision-makers.


Sales have a lead (potential client), and an opportunity (deal).

Why we need this Extension

Salient Features


Increase the likelihood of the project’s overall success by syncing ZOHO CRM Deals or Quotes to a Company Cam project. Get access to documents in all aspects of a project including proof of visual evidence. Mitigate risks and make informed decisions using real-time data from the field.


Download photos or documents, view notes for project CRM, and communicate real-time updates. Keep your business process organized between sales and job sites. E.g. home remodeling contractors using ZOHO CRM for organizing their Sales and projects can now use this extension to share photos of kitchen upgrades with electrical or plumbing contractors before scheduling their work.


Organizing job site work and schedule are time-consuming. Monitor crucial activity by receiving operation details in real-time from Company Cam projects. Identify next step priorities by ensuring project completion and manage any issues before they escalate.


Search for projects using an intuitive interface built into native CRM modules.


Understand project progress and performance. Bridge the gap between the back office and the operation’s team by quickly logging, and assigning projects from ZOHO CRM. Manage time sinks and improve your project profitability.


Experience a different approach to customer service. Increase productivity and accelerate efficiency by communicating effectively with vendor crew and/or promptly responding to customers using documentation or photo from the job site.


Access project photos and artifacts to run effective marketing campaign in ZOHO CRM and showcase project transformations. Design marketing or other informational materials straight from your ZOHO CRM.


Company Cam

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Company Cam – Zoho CRM integration?

Install the Company Cam Connect extension for ZOHO CRM extension to your Zoho CRM account.
To begin, click “Install” from our Marketplace page. Then follow the prompts to confirm your settings and permissions.

How do link a CRM Deal or Quote with a project in Company Cam?

Use the option ‘Link CC Project’ within the module record, and select a project from the list to establish the sync. Please see user guide for more details.

Can I create a project in Company Cam?

Yes. The extension supports creating a project in Company Cam for a CRM Deal or Quote record. Project name defaults to the Deal or Quote name from CRM, and the address for the address to the address associated with the Account or Contact. Please see user guide – ‘Create Project’ for the specific steps to complete this or video user guide for better assistance.

Can I view project photos, and documents?

Yes. Access to project Photos or Documents is tied to the CC Projects record for the Deal or Quote. You can access this record as a ‘Related List’ within the CRM module record. Please see user guide – ‘Download Photos/ Documents from Projects’ or video user guide for better assistance.

Does this extension track updates to Project in Company Cam?

Yes, any tags or notes added to the specific project will be updated in the module record in CRM.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. You can try this extension free for 15 days.