EvaBot Connect by UPro for ZOHO CRM - User Guide

The best-in-class evabot extension for ZOHo CRM that will elevate your client relations to the next level.

What you need before installing Evabot extension for Customised AI based gifting
  • Evabot Email address 
  • Evabot Integration Password
How to get Evabot Integration Password:

1. Login to your evabot account at https://dashboard.evabot.ai/integration

2. Go to Advanced Features > Integrations at https://dashboard.evabot.ai/integration

3. Click Webhook and copy the password that will be used for the integration.

Evabot email and password
To Install the extension:
  • Navigate to Setup > Marketplace > All in Zoho CRM
  • Select ‘All Extensions’. Search for ‘EvaBot Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM’
  • Click ‘Install’
  • Agree to the Terms of Services and click ‘Continue’.’

Select one of the following options in ‘Choose Users/ Profile’.

How to Use ‘Evabot Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM’
  • Automate gifting program by setting Deal stage = Closed won, enter $ value for the gift & Contact is mapped

  • EvaBot Gift link will be generated along with its status.

  • Extension triggers custom email to the Customer with the gift link generated by the Extension
  • Note: Content can be edited in Email Templates for Deals
How ‘Evabot Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM’ works?
  • Evabot collects preferences from the Customer. You can update your preferences by visiting https://www.evabot.com/product (Please refer to the image above)
  • Integration updates Gift status in the Deals record
  • Evabot delivers gifts to the customer
  • Integration updates Gift status in the Deals record
Uninstalling the extension
  • Go to Setup > Marketplace > All
  • Under All Extension, you can view all the installed extensions.
  • Browse for “Evabot Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM” and click the corresponding Uninstall Link.
  • Click OK to confirm and uninstall the extension.
System displays error messages within the Gift Status field if unable to generate the gift link. The error message reads as ‘Contact Not Mapped’
  • Missing Contact 
  • Missing Email for Contact
  • Missing Gift amount