Manage and Sync your Milestones in Floify with your Deals in CRM.

Mortgage Brokers that use Zoho CRM to manage their customer database can now connect their CRM with their Floify account & sync stage pipelines. Also send  automate triggers based on stage updates in CRM.


Sync Conacts in CRM

Syncs new contact in CRM with your customer list in Floify.

Update deals in crm

Sync milestone updates in Floify, Floify with Deal stages in CRM.

reset milestone stages

Sync end of flow in Floify with tasks in CRM

track and update milestones

Update in CRM stage history for every milestone update in Floify.

custom stage tracker

Sync custom milestones or multiple pipelines with ZOHO CRM.

Why do you need

 Zoho Floify integration?

floify before floify after

What will our team do for you ?

01. Evaluating business requirements

Our team will look at your Floify account, configurations, workflows etc. and discuss the Floify Zoho Crm Integration updates/needs before we propose a solution.

02. Development of integration solution

Once the business process has been identified we will process a project plan for Floify CRM Integration and identify current code logic and updates required for the sync to link your account.

03. Mapping process and fields

Within each of the business process to sync, we will map out the data fields and logic that need to be integrated.

04. Configuring the application

We will initiate the work, and provide timely updates.

05. Testing and Delivery

Once the application is configured, our team will test it to ensure everything is working as expected. And provide a demo of the work completed.

06. Training and Support:

Our team will provide documentation and help video for reference regarding the Floify Integration.