Create a drag drop dashboard in ZOHO CRM

Provide a visual dashboard to drag-drop – Kanban View for records across modules. Build an easy-to-use interface for milestones, with inbuilt conditional logic and checklist functions that validate the update – Prospects, Inventory, and completions/ closures, regional or organization-wide, and to support Team’s performance


Drilling & Exploration


Acquisition and development of oil and natural gas resources



About the customer

 Independent exploration and production company.  

Client Requirements
  • Provide a visual dashboard to drag-drop – Kanban View for records across modules.
  • Build an easy-to-use interface to monitor business performance, identify trends, analyze issues and exceptions, and take appropriate actions.
  • Build logic for milestones with inbuilt conditional logic and checklist functions.
  • The dashboard must be interactive, update automatically in real-& allow data to be manipulated and validate organization-wide updates, and to support Team’s performance.
  • Dashboard data must drill down on specific details – location, criteria, inventory data, performance data, production throughput, etc.
How  we started

The request was to propose a solution in ZOHO for the specialized management needs of a midstream oil and gas organization. Within the ZOHO Suite of apps but go beyond the traditional framework of a CRM optimized without the need for Sales/ Marketing, communication/ help desk, VoIP/ SMS/ team chat, or accounting/banking processes. The end goal was to model a system with a visual component to track identify, explore, extract, and production milestones, increase collaboration between staff at the office and out in the field and make informed business decisions with access to key metrics in the front end increases operational efficiencies, open access to data and help to streamline sales pipeline in the backend.

Deficiencies in as-is CRM:

  • Absence of conditional logic settings and unable to scale workflows
  • No ability to add rich content to records
  • Inability to add field validation for basic data such as phone numbers, zip codes etc.
  • Disconnect in info flow throughout the organization or enterprise’s operations.
  • No real-time visibility into operational data to make proactive decisions.
  • Lack of access to business-critical applications via mobile interface
  • No interface for a simple search and filter
  • No way to track email conversations.


Project Plan:
Step 1: Recreate data taxonomy and entity relationships for data in ZOHO CRM
Step 2: Recreate in ZOHO the Opportunity Tracker built in Implement milestone management using a dynamic drag-and-drop custom interface to update milestones. Change date range, type, and other important metrics within milestones. Provide status tracking – rollback and upstream updates.
Step 3: Create truly dynamic workflow to adapt to a fluid approval process. Apply appropriate data validations and overrides to workflows
Step 4: Set up ZOHO CRM, process and data for an organized dataset for users in the organization
Step 5: Extract, validate, merge, upload data from


  • Implement Project management tools and logic in ZOHO CRM from Process.St
  • Design and create a Dynamic drag and drop interface
  • Provide validation for data, and allow overrides for logic
  • Competing merging issues such as code mapping, and terminologies within datasets, lack of standardization in data, redundant validation algorithms of past entries in, complex model for automatic processing, and high burden of data cleaning.