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What is Independent Contractor CRM ?

Trust Upwise Pro to deploy a system that can help you manage your clients, proposals, estimates, and payments without having to take your eyes off your business. With the easy and interactive mobile interface, you can track your access to your contact, track new requests, and monitor the progress of your proposals in real-time. 

Save resources, time, and money with our custom solution. Upwise Pro helps you get a complete picture of your clientele and identify trends and/or information that can help you deliver better services. Increase the efficiency of your business processes with Upwise Pro. Our comprehensive dashboard consolidates all your business processes, from contacts, requests, and proposals, to invoices for your organization. 

Additionally, with our flexible CRM features, you can easily tailor the system to your business’s specific needs.



We offer a free demonstration of our features to help you see how Upwise Pro can improve your organization's efficiency.


We get to know your unique business process, learn more about your pain points, challenges, and goals, and determine total costs.


We assess your needs and customize our solution to your specific organizational requirements.


We provide an upgrade to our system, which includes new features, services, and support.


We submit an invoice for the costs, and you approve and pay.

Onboarding to ZOHO

Once you confirm the custom solution in ZOHO, we will help onboard your team within 48 hours.

Core Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Cloud-based application to help you manage your business on the go
  • Managing customer relationships effectively to help you close more deals
  • Proposal and Project Management 
  • Generate better insights for your business
  • Invoice and Payment Tracking


Manage Leads and Contacts

Manage leads and clients, schedule meetings, monitor task progress, send proposals or find payment status all in one place. Stay on top of your core sales pipeline and never miss an opportunity. With the help of tools such as appointment scheduling and follow-up automation, you can manage your sales process from start to finish.

Proposal and Project Management

Easily create, track, and manage proposals and projects. First, get a clear overview of where each proposal or project stands, follow up on what is due next, and monitor assignee response for each task.

Enhance Your Customer Service

Find automation for repeating tasks, link tasks to relevant contacts, get follow-up reminders and add files and notes to keep customer service running smoothly. Having all the information you need in one place – organized so you can easily access and track recent requests, contact information, purchase history, preferences, communications, transactional info, and all documents – will facilitate better, faster service to customers, Within each customer rec, so you always have their 

Close More Deals

As an independent contractor, it will help you to have a CRM that helps convert more requests into projects. Track your leads and turn them into paying customers. Having all your customer information in one place allows you to more easily target your marketing efforts and close more deals. In addition, our solution allows you to increase profitability and have more time to work on your business rather than on your processes.

Get Paid Faster

Get paid faster by streamlining your invoicing process. With a CRM system, you can quickly act on requests, generate a complete proposal with scope, payment & financial info, create & send invoices, track change orders & send consolidated invoices. Your customers will appreciate the efficiency and quick turnaround, and you’ll get your hard-earned money much sooner.

Customized Reporting

Solopreneurs can use this solution to get quick and robust reporting dashboards. That helps them understand what services are selling, timelines, their best customers, and where they can find more business. This data is invaluable for growing an independent contractor business.