Mailshake Pro Connect

Automate your cold outreach in Mailshake from within ZOHO CRM


Automated of cold outreach campaigns

Automate creating Leads in ZOHO CRM from Mailshake


Sync and convert Mailshake Leads

Automate transferring Leads and syncing Lead data from Mailshake to Zoho CRM


Track Campaign Leads in ZOHO CRM

Customize tracking Leads statuses in Mailshake to Lead Statises in Zoho CRM


Easy intuitive interface

Convert Leads won in Mailshake to Contacts in Zoho CRM

What is Mailshake Pro Connect?

Automate Sales and manage marketing outreach from within ZOHO CRM.

Mailshake Campaign Connect extension provides insight into cold outreach and engagement behaviors in Mailshake campaigns from ZOHO CRM. View current and historical campaign results such as email interactions for all prospecting efforts related to email sent, clicked, opened etc. Customize the sync settings to define campaign settings for Leads, Contacts, and Signal preferences. Define how CRM Lead status values are mapped to Mailshake and track Mailshake conversions directly in CRM. Streamline sales pipeline with marketing outreaches and track productivity and team performance across both Marketing and Sales teams right from within ZOHO CRM.

How Mailshake Pro for Zoho benefits Sales and Marketing?

Engage with marketing campaigns in Mailshake using our Mailshake Pro Connect extension for Zoho CRM.Building an effective marketing segmentation in CRM assists in identifying and effectively targeting valuable customers by the sales team. Investing in a CRM extension for cold outreach will boost Marketing teams’ efforts to track their interactions with prospects and categorize customer sophistication/ Lead list profitability. In an integrated CRM, a good prospecting list developed by the Marketing team allows the Sales team to exert more control over lead conversion and the Management to track performance insights about the sources, channels, efforts and gain an overall overview of all activities in each of the verticals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mailshake Pro Connect ?

Install the extension to help marketing professionals on Mailshake to grow an audience list and boost sales directly from within ZOHO CRM. Integrated outreach to cold prospects from CRM allows Marketing and Sales teams to inspect pipelines and act on available insights from within a unified UI. A streamlined approach to finding a qualified Lead from a prospect list and determining the most beneficial progression path as it passes through the sales funnel will help to quickly identify decision-makers and boost ROI. 

What are the most important features of this extension?

  • Bi-directional sync between Mailshake and Zoho CRM
  • Configure automation to directly import leads into Zoho CRM from Mailshake.
  • Sync CRM Leads with multiple campaigns in Mailshake
  • Live Mailshake Campaign management from within Zoho CRM
  • No changes are required to the current Contact management logic in Zoho CRM.

 Advantages of using this extension with ZOHO CRM:
  • Mailshake Pro Connect is a ZOHO CRM extension that unlocks campaign productivity to help the Marketing teams efficiently create and manage outreach efforts in Mailshake directly from within ZOHO CRM.
  • Mailshake Pro Connect gives marketing leaders a complete picture of all the campaigns in Mailshake so they can monitor the outreach performance, pipeline conversion, and productivity.
  • Using the seamless integration offered by this extension, track different stages in B2B outreach in Mailshake – Prospects leads; configure the conversion to Leads in CRM; and track the sales process before they convert into Customers and Deals in the buyer’s journey.
  • Create different sales prospecting flows according to the stages of the buyer’s journey by leveraging native ZOHO’s workflows and automation.
  • Remove dependency on complex importing options. Using this integration, automate outreach activities to directly create the lead in CRM, map data fields in Mailshake with CRM and track conversion.

Can Mailshake be used as a standalone CRM?

  1. Mailshake lacks more advanced flow features to trigger appropriate actions for Lead updates.
  2. Advanced business intelligence and detailed analytics and reporting options absent in Mailshake.
  3. Email deliverability and custom domain challenges exist in Mailshake

Note: Mailshake provides native integration with only a few CRMs.

What to remember before setting up the sync with Mailshake?

    • Sync is not bi-directional by default and can be edited.
    • Status sync settings depend on the user configuration set in Extension Settings.
    • Mailshake Pro Connect handles data in all data centers except CN.
    • Once synced with Mailshake campaigns, Leads can be viewed and managed in the Mailshake Pro Campaigns module.
    • Sync is real-time with Mailshake and occurrence cannot be edited.
    • Extension supports selecting Leads and syncing with multiple campaigns in Mailshake.