Mailshake connect for ZOHO CRM

User Guide

With the Mailshake Connect extension for ZOHO CRM, you can now create campaigns, add Leads, synchronize your campaigns and subscribers in Mailshake with the ZOHO CRM. The extension supports two-way synchronization.

  • Create Leads in ZOHO CRM from a Mailshake campaign.
  • Sync Lead status in ZOHO CRM with Mailshake
  • Create a Contact in ZOHO CRM
  • Add CRM Leads to campaign(s) in Mailshake.
  • Real time management for Mailshake Campaigns from within ZOHO CRM.

Installing the extension:

You can install the Mailshake Connect extension from the ZOHO Marketplace.

Note: If you skip this step, you can authorize it later from your Settings page. To do so, navigate Setup > Marketplace > All. Open the Mailshake Connect extension details page and click Authorize.

Configure extension:

Once installed, to configure settings for the extension:

  1. Navigate CRM Mailshake Connect
  • Enter API:
  • Enter auth key from your Mailshake account to initiate the sync between Mailshake and ZOHO CRM
       2. Configure settings to set up data mapping for sync  with Mailshake.

3. Configure Lead status sync with Mailshake.


  • Once synced with Mailshake campaigns, Leads can be viewed in the Mailshake Connect module.
  • Sync is real time with Mailshake and occurrence cannot be edited.

If you skip any of the above steps, you can configure the settings from Mailshake Connect module. The Setup options are available inside the ‘Settings’ tab.

How to use this extension

  1. Add Leads to a campaign in Mailshake
  • Select the records in the list view in the Leads module.
  • Select button ‘AddtoMailshake’.
  1. View all Mailshake Campaign:
  • Go to the ‘Mailshake Connect’ tab in ZOHO CRM.
  • All your campaigns in Mailshake will be listed under ‘Mailshake Campaigns’.
  • Select the campaign from the list or search for the campaign title.
  • View all campaign related info under ‘Campaign info’
  1. View Leads activity within a Mailshake Campaign:
  • Go to the ‘Mailshake Connect’ tab in ZOHO CRM.
  • Click the ’Leads’ tab.
  • Select the lead for which activity needs to be tracked.


  • Multiple entries for the Lead, one for every campaign the Lead is associated with will be displayed in the list in ‘Mailshake Campaings’.
  1. Email opt-out:
  • If Email Opt out is selected, extension restricts the selection, and the Lead is not added to any Mailshake                  campaigns.
  • If Email opt out is selected, and the Lead is part of Mailshake Campaign(s), extension unsubscribes the Lead in all associated Mailshake campaigns.

  1. Sales Signals Notifications
  • The Sales Signals feature notifies you of important events related to your Mailshake campaigns.
  • Choose the notifications you want to receive within the ‘Settings’ tab in Mailshake Connect tab in CRM.
  • Click Save.
Uninstalling the extension

If you uninstall the ‘Mailshake Connect’ extension, the ‘Mailshake Connect’ data that has been synced to ZOHO CRM will be permanently deleted along with the custom fields like Mailshake Connect ID, Mailshake Pro Campaign ID etc.


  • Leads and Campaigns that have been synced to ZOHO CRM will remain intact.
  • Before uninstalling, please ensure you have synced all the data you want to keep; deleted data cannot be recovered.