Mailshake connect by UPro for ZOHO CRM - User Guide

mailshake by Upro for ZOHO CRM
What you need before installing ‘Mailshake’ extension for Sales and Marketing
  • Mailshake login and password & API key

To Install the extension:

  • Navigate to Setup > Marketplace > All in Zoho CRM
  • Select ‘All Extensions’. Search for ‘Mailshake Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM’
  • Click ‘Install’
  • Agree to the Terms of Services and click ‘Continue’.
  • Select one of the following options in ‘Choose Users/ Profile’.
  • Install for admin only
  • Install for all users
  • Choose Profiles
  • Click ‘Confirm’
How to Use ‘Mailshake Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM’
  • Map ZOHO Lead Status to Mailshake Status.
Once extension is enabled, when a lead is created in Mailshake, Lead is created in ZOHO CRM Leads module 
  • When Status is updated in Mailshake, Leads status for a Lead in ZOHO CRm with matching email is updated (Using the status mapping set up at the time of installing the extension)
    Status = Open in Mailshake
    ZOHO CRM Lead status updated to ‘Open’
    Status = Clicked in Mailshake
    ZOHO CRM Lead status updated to ‘Interested’
    Status = Replied in Mailshake, 
    ZOHO CRM Lead status = Warm
    Status = Closed Won
    ZOHO CRM Lead is converted into a Contact
  • Leads created by this integration have the following data in Mailshake auto mapped to the new ZOHO CRM Leads record :
    First Name
    Last Name
  • ‘Other fields’ in Mailshake Prospect record auto mapped to fields in the new ZOHO CRM Leads record: 
    Zip Code
    Annual Revenue
    Note: Field name in Mailshake must match field name in ZOHO CRM Leads record
  • Currently Mailshake does not support mapping 
    Social media links 
  • System sets Lead Source to ‘Mailshake’ in the new Lead record.

Uninstalling the extension
  • Go to Setup > Marketplace > All
  • Under All Extension, you can view all the installed extensions.
  • Browse for “Mailshake Pro Extension for ZOHO CRM” and click the corresponding Uninstall Link.
  • Click OK to confirm and uninstall the extension.