NeverBounce Connect for Bigin - User Guide

The best-in-class extension for Bigin that will elevate your client relations to the next level.

Prerequisite for ZeroBounce Extension

  1. NeverBounce API Key
  2. Zoho Recruit Admin Account

NeverBounce API Key

  1. Log in to your NeverBounce account: NeverBounce Login []
  2. Go to “Integrate” page []
  3. Create a new or select your app.
  4. Copy your API Key

Installing the NeverBounce Connect Extension

  1. Navigate to Settings in ZOHO Bigin.
  2. Toppings > Marketplace > All Toppings > Search
  3. Search for NeverBounce Connect for ZOHO Bigin.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Service
  5. Click “Continue” to Install
  6. Select one of the following options in “Choose users/Profiles”

7.Install for admins only.
8.Install for all users.
9.Choose profiles.
10.Click Confirm.
11.On the next screen, Authorize NeverBounce Connect for ZOHO Bigin to access your data as required.

Configure NeverBounce Connect for ZOHO Bigin

1.After the extension is installed, and Zoho OAuth connector is authorized, you will be redirected to the Topping setting popup screen.
2.Enter the API key from your NeverBounce account

3. Click “Save.”

Extension fields

The extension introduces three fields to capture email validation status, errors, and additional information:

  1. NB Email Status: Records the email’s status, whether it is valid or not. Also logs any errors encountered, labeled as “ZB API Error.”
  2. NB Additional Info: Retains any supplementary details obtained as part of the NeverBounce validation results.

How to use the Never Bounce Extension

(1) Auto Email Verification on Record Create or Email Field Update
  1. To enable automatic email verification, select the “Enable Automated Email Verification?” option within the extension settings.
2.Create a record with an email address or edit an existing email address in the Contacts or Candidates module. 3.Save the record after making changes. 4.NeverBounce Connect will verify the email addresses automatically. 5.Refresh the page to ensure that the extension updates the status data accordingly
1. Automating the email validation will validate the records which are created after extension installation, to validate the existing emails kindly use List record verification method

2. Once Automatic Email Validation is enabled, it will validate import records as well.
3. Email validation will run only when email status is null.
4. API Credits & API Key errors will be updated in the fields NB Emails Status as NB API Error and NB Additional Info will have the error description.

(2) Manual Email Verification using button
1.The “Validate Email” button is available in inside Page View (buttons menu).
2. Select the “Validate Email” button to manually validate the email

3. A pop-up will appear showing a success message or any error messages

4. NeverBounce fields will be updated with validation status or any errors

Bulk Email Verification

1. Select multiple records from contacts and choose the “Validate Emails” button in the List view to verify the email in Bulk.
2. A pop-up will appear and display a success message or any error messages.
3. Zero Bounce fields will be updated with validation status or any errors.

Uninstalling the extension:

1.Go to “Settings” > “Marketplace” > “All” > “Installed.”
2.Under all Installed extensions, select “Never Bounce for Zoho Bigin,” then select the “Uninstall” button.

3. Confirmation Pop up for Un_installing the extension, then click “OK”.