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Top 5 Factors to consider while choosing your Zoho implementation partner for your business

Zoho Implementation Partner

1. Domain or industry experience – Relevant industry-standard experience is required to understand, analyze, and solve complex problems. Extensive prior experience in the relevant industry or on similar projects helps the business stay ahead of the curve while saving time and costs required for discovery.
2. Sufficient resources – Adequate project resources to handle the implementation on all levels of complexity – infrastructure support, technical skills, and team strength to support a project of any size and needs.
3. Technical expertise – A team of experts comprising administrators, developers, and testers. Cloud-based solutions can be an expensive investment for an organization if the partner is not certified or does not understand the platform’s technological nuances.
4. Design a scalable solution – The success of any implementation depends on the long-term strategy. An implementation partner must have the ability to scale up their capabilities to match the fluctuating business needs.
5. Continuous Support – Ongoing system support during and after the implementation to provide technical support, training, and maintenance services to improve the scalability and management of the new system.

Upwise – Your ideal Zoho implementation partner to maximize your ROI

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