Validate emails to identify valid leads

Are you tired of sending cold emails that go unanswered, resulting in wasted time and effort? Look no further! Mailshake Connect is here to revolutionize your email outreach strategy and unlock the secret to success.
Bulk Email Verification
If there exists Lead or Contacts that were never verified or significant number of the records are old.
Batch Email Verification
Manually verifying a list of email addresses in the module list view.
Verify Email in Real-time
Automatic and real-Time verification.

What is Zero bounce Connect ?

With Zerobounce connect for CRM, ensure that email addresses are not merely valid or deliverable but also safe to send. Use your current zerobounce subscription to run a comprehensive evaluation to address quality of the email addresses as invalid or long-inactive accounts downgrades sender reputation.

Why to Verify Email Address?

  •  Ensure authenticity of the recipient.
  •  Identify and remove misspelled, defunct, phony, or disposable email addresses.
  •  Identify unscrupulous lead source – buying lists, co-registration sites, aggregators, or other list managers.
  •  Lower bounce rate.
  •  Boost rate of engagement.
  •  Maintain sender reputation.
  •  Save time and money
  •  Ensure your system follows all mandated permissions and honor unsubscribe requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engage with marketing campaigns in Mailshake using our Mailshake Connect extension for Zoho CRM

  • Email opt-in forms
  • Sign up, or newsletter forms or any business forms.
  • Contest entries or Product giveaways
  • Free or demo sign ups
  • POS systems (stores, at events, etc.)
  • Event registrations
  • Customer service requests
  • High-volume email senders
  • Enterprise-level companies
  • Sender of promotional, transactional and customer emails daily
  • Small to medium-sized business
  • All organizations with giant databases
  • Sender that prefers automatic verification over manual processing
  • valid – These are emails that we determined to be valid and safe to email to, they will have a very low bounce rate of under 2%.
  • invalid – These are the emails that we determined to be invalid. Please delete them from your email list. The email can be deemed invalid for various
    reasons such as mailbox not found or the if address doesn’t accept emails.
  • catch all – These emails are impossible to validate without sending a real email and waiting for a bounce. The term Catch-all means that the email
    server tells you that the email is valid, whether it s valid or invalid.
  • spamtrap – These emails are believed to be spamtraps and should not be mailed.
  • abuse – These emails are of people who are known to click the abuse links in emails, hence abusers or complainers. We recommend not emailing
    these addresses.
  • do_not_mail – These emails are of companies, role-based, or people you just want to avoid emailing to. They are broken down into 6 sub-categories
    disposable , toxic , role_based , role_based_catch_all , global_suppression and possible_trap”.
  •  Ease of use
  • Comprehensive analysis in addition to valid/ invalid
  • Simple cost structure
  •  Real-time verification
  •  User support
  • Email marketing does not imply that size is everything to building an email list.
  • Content alone does not suffice; data accuracy decides the effectiveness of any campaigns.
  • Engagement is the most critical factor to pivot to when designing a marketing plan.