Zoho integrations

Integrations are backend connections to third-party applications to provide additional features that cannot be built in the current system. These connections are used to share your data in a third-party application with your ZOHO account or vice-versa. Integrations are helpful when businesses need to execute a range of tasks and/or enhance current functionality. The need for integration becomes more important as business expands or needs change.

Automate Your Processes

Seamlessly integrate with any tool using our expertise to build integrations and get absolute flexibility in production and process management flows.


Consolidate your pipeline stages with ZOHO CRM Deals.

Real time workflows

Users get access to data from across platforms in real time.

Save time

Save manual efforts wasted in aggregating and updating systems

our integrations

Track borrowers loan application, documentation, and monitor the status of their loan from within ZOHO CRM.

Manage and measure Shopify store orders and fulfillments, from status tracking, payments to delivery from within ZOHO CRM.

View and organize in ZOHO CRM, client information \in intake forms. Trigger workflows, reminders, emails & texts as response from within ZOHO CRM.

Integrate Magento store with ZOHO and track Shipping and Fullfillment, Payments, Accouting and Finances, Marketing from within ZOHO CRM.