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Data Management

Data migration involves transferring data from one system or location to another, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and completeness throughout the process within the data management framework.


Data Profilling

Data Mapping

Data Extraction

Validate & Test



Find what works best.

  • Create a comprehensive migration plan outlining tasks, responsibilities, and contingencies.
  • Define rules for transforming and reformatting data to match the structure and requirements of the new system.
  • Extract data from the source system, ensure data integrity and security during extraction. Map data fields from the source system to the corresponding fields in the target system.
  • Monitor the migration process to track progress, identify errors, and ensure completeness and accuracy of data transferred.
  • Validate migrated data in the target system to ensure it aligns with expectations and meets predefined quality standards.
  • Address any issues or discrepancies identified during UAT and refine the migration process if needed.

Add-on: Provide post-migration support to address any immediate issues, data inconsistencies, or user queries.

Data Management


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