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Get the Best of Both Worlds – Shopify + Zoho

Integrating the Shopify store with Zoho CRM is the way to go when the business is ready to take off to the next level. Our expert developers will ensure a smooth, seamless Zoho integration with Shopify that will help businesses reach new heights.

Send form data to your backend apps

With our seamless custom integration, send data from your Shopify form to your backend system and work with various applications to fuel a complete business process flow.

What will our team do for you ?

Evaluating Business Requirements

Our team will look at your e-Commerce requirements and integration needs before we propose a solution.

Design & Development of Integration Solution

We will design an integrated system that will sync your backend CRM with your Shopify store and talk to other apps you may be using to deliver a comprehensive business solution that can handle store – shipment process.

Configuring the Applications

This is where our team will get into the nitty gritty of configuring and customizing the applications – CRM, e-Commerce, Shipments, Invoicing, Subscriptions etc. to work together.

Testing And Launching

Once the application is configured, our team will test it to ensure everything is working as it should. After that, it's time for launch!

Maintaining & Updating

Even after the integration is launched, our team will still be there to provide maintenance and update support.

Training & Support

Our team will provide documentation and help video to help you get the most out of your new integration.