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Ensuring Your Emails Hit the Inbox: Understanding Email Sending Limits and Deliverability Best Practices

If a business exceeds the daily email limit per sender, their messages will likely end up in spam folders. Email Service Providers (ESPs) embedded in cloud applications, such as those from Zoho, work to thwart spammers from distributing unsolicited bulk emails or engaging in behavior that appears spam-like. They oversee the flow of emails sent to and from their servers and the users of the app. In addition, by evaluating the ‘sender reputation,’ these tools help to filter out spam, deciding if an email should be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or relegated to the spam folder.

Sender Authentication: The app uses various sender authentication methods like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to ensure the email appears to come from you and maintain a good sender reputation. These methods authenticate the sending domain (business domain) and confirm the legitimate sending of the email on your behalf.

In summary, the email marketing tool’s servers manage the actual delivery of the email, using your email address as the sender. This approach ensures that your emails are sent reliably and are less likely to be marked as spam. It also allows you to benefit from the email marketing tool’s infrastructure, expertise, and features for managing bulk email campaigns.

Do you have SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records set up for your domain or need assistance to check if
Is your system in compliance with all the above? Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation call with us.

Be aware of these email-sending patterns that can impact your sender reputation, which Email Service Providers (ESPs) monitor closely:

1. A brand new domain and email address suddenly sending a ton of emails
2. A big spike in outgoing messages during a particular day and time
3. Too many sent emails to external recipients are bouncing
4. High rate of spam complaints
5. Hitting spam traps (more on spam traps here)
6. Identical email content

Generally, the systems assess whether your email activity resembles a typical user sending personal or business correspondence and categorize your emails based on this determination.

To maintain your organization’s reputation, use tools such as an email verifier that automatically runs verification on all your contacts/candidate’s email ids. Learn more here: