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Zoho Advanced Partner

Meet Upwise.

We Automate AnythingSalesMarketing

Cloud SaaS platforms empower SMBs with tools, Hire SaaS consultants for early success in identifying, automating and optimizing business processes.

Case studies

Recent Projects

Urimat – Web Development & Zoho Integration

Florida Pace – Web Development & Zoho Integration

Web Design. Web Development. Integrations.

e-Learning & Training – Drive CRM Success

Our Services

API Integration

Wordpress, Microsoft Teams, Aquity Scheduling, Shopify, Magento, Twilio, RingCentral, MailChimp, Jira, Pandadoc etc.

Data Migration

Data Migration into [Zoho] CRM, Desk, Projects

Business Process Mapping

Complete Business process mapping from Legacy systems to SaaS.

Project Management

Project Management and integration with CRM

Workflow Automatios

[Zoho apps] CRM, Desk, Sites, Sign, Books, Subscriptions, Analytics, Trainer Central, SalesIQ, Social, Zoho One, Campaigns, etc.

Marketing Automations

Marketing automations including setting up Email Campaings Workflows, integration with Social Media, Custom Chat Bot development etc.

Zoho One Setup

CRM Plus configuration.


Success Stories

Discover the impact of our work through our clients' stories.