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Optimize your online sales by Integrating Magento with Zoho CRM 

Connect Magento with ZOHO CRM to communicate faster and communicate contextually about orders, payments, and shipments with customers and deliver a better sales experience.

Why do you need  

Zoho Magento integration?

What will our team do for you ?

01. Evaluating business requirements

Our team will look at your eCommerce requirements, and Zoho Magento Integration needs before we propose a solution.

2. Propose integration solution

We will identify process to be synced, configurations to be completed in a project plan with timeline and estimate. Our proposal will have business process design, customizations within CRM and all relevant details within each of those.

03. Mapping process and fields

We will initiate the project after approval and begin with implementing the business process design.

04. Configuring the application

We will configure ZOHO CRM to create records, trigger notifications and workflow logic, send updates etc. as listed in the business plan.

05. Testing

Once the application is configured, our team will test it to ensure everything is working as expected. We will provide a demo of the completed process.

06. Maintaining and Updating:

Our team will provide all support as requested, and extend support and approved after the delivery of Magento Zoho CRM Integration

07. Training and Support:​

Our team will provide documentation and help video to help you get the most out of your new integration.