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Use a Real-time Phone Number Validator to identify fake numbers

Why Use a Phone Validator?

  • Does your sales team spend most of their time unable to differentiate valid customer contact numbers from a spoof customer created by bots?
  • Does your marketing team run into old phone lists that need to be more relevant and able to offer information on discounts and events?

Today it is not unusual for businesses to find an increase in fraud using fake identities, namely email and contact numbers. A phone validator must analyze and screen the risks and identify invalid phone numbers in real-time. In addition, common reputation checks must include validating emails and scoring email risks before attempting any outreach to those contacts.

What is a Phone Validator?

Similar to companies validating email by requesting confirmation (Opt-in), Phone number validation services help verify a Contact’s phone number to ensure that the right contact is attached.

Why Are Fake Accounts Created?

Fake accounts that are stolen emails or phone numbers. Fake profiles to spam users with ads. Phishing for PII or PII – the reasons are many.

Why Do You Need a Phone Validator for CRM?

  1. Improve Communication: Improve communication with customers to have a solid email marketing strategy and to ensure that analytics on SMS or Calls are reliable.
  2. Effective Marketing Campaigns: A simple call or text is an easy way to get attention, reach out reliably, give the customer any up-to-date information, follow up on support requests, and more.
  3. Save time: Without phone validation, time and resources will be wasted in sending out calls and texts to numbers that aren’t validators and reaching out to contacts who o not need to be communicated.
  4. Maintain CRM data hygiene: Perform batch cleansing of data by secure automation and maintain a legitimate, organized, and standardized list of contact numbers.
  5. Line intelligence: Find relevant information about your customers. Identify if the phone number is a mobile, landline, or VOIP. Also, carrier information and number status – out of service, blocklisted, etc.
  6. Authentication: SMS code for validation purposes is a quicker and widely accepted method to verify contacts.
  7. Easy to Use: Email verification with a quick text message takes even less time than requesting opt-in. And mitigates the need to generate an apt subject line, email content, etc.

What are the advantages of using Upwise’s Phone Validator Extension?

  • Increase answer Rates by up to 300%.
  • Avoid encountering issues by identifying Fraud or “Scam Likely” numbers! Phone validator also helps track your phone numbers by ensuring their integrity and preventing them from being labeled as spam. Increase deliverability and secure your reputation. Prevent your contact number from being flagged as spam: Increase call and text deliverability, Lower compliance risk, and avoid losing customers.
  • 98% of calls are spam and directed to voicemail!
    90% of calls are screened, and calls fall victim to a scam. With many validators, monitor and manage reputation. Get complete transparency over the deliverability of outbound calls or texts, and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Save Time and Money!
    A clean list of phone numbers is essential to marketing strategies. Resources are best used by not reaching out to nonexistent clients. A real-time check adds to the effectiveness of any marketing strategy.
  • Increase Accuracy!
    Employ bulk validation where available when dealing with large data sets. Save time and enhance efficiency in efforts.


The selling point of any business is its reputation and credibility. Therefore, any credible company must continue beyond just identifying phone numbers but must protect business and marketing efforts from financial loss by using only valid and secure data.