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What are the types of analytics?

Dive into the Four Pillars of Analytics

Analytics can be ad-hoc generation or scheduled for deep dives or built specifically to address different questions.  Consider these four primary types of analytics, each addressing a distinct question:

  1. Descriptive – what happened?

  1. Diagnostic – why did it happen?

  1. Predictive – what might happen in the future?

  1. Prescriptive – what are the next steps?

Understanding Cohort Analysis in Analytics

Cohort analysis: Analyzing data from a segmented customers list, where all Leads or Contacts are defined by or share a certain attribute.


For example, if time is an attribute, the number of Leads created within the specific time. Therefore, a specific month or quarter, and the Leads that signed up that period, and so on. Using this, how various cohorts behave over time can be observed.

Enhancing Business Insights with ZOHO Analytics

Using advanced tools such as ZOHO Analytics, businesses can zoom in and see the Lead activity that contributed to the analytics. Businesses may further analyze why:

Does onboarding need to be improved during a specific time?

Churn Analysis – It helps understand when during the customer lifecycle that a customer is most likely to cancel.  Customer success teams can leverage these insights to proactively address and minimize churn.

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