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What is Recruitment Automation – A discussion on some of the use cases and benefits

What is Recruitment Automation?

Nothing but automating most of your recruitment tasks – candidate sourcing, candidate screening, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and more to:
●Meet org needs in less time
●Supply better quality candidates, and
●Provide a positive candidate experience

Recruitment Automation

4 Major Benefits of Recruitment Automation

1. Save Time and Effort:

Context: HR generally spends about 13 hours a week trying to source candidates for a single role.
Adopting recruitment automation will save time and allow the business to focus on implementing better recruitment strategies and improving recruitment KPIs.

2. Improve KPIs:

Quality of hire and Time-to-fill are the major recruiting KPIs to measure the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Recruitment Automation

KPI: Quality of hire determines the efficiency of the candidates in your organization.

Use Case: Imagine you end up hiring a candidate who looked good on paper but is a complete non-performer. The employee will churn out in a few months, and the business is back to searching for the right candidate.

Automate: Implement a recruitment automation workflow to flag, score, and identify candidates based on the ‘qualities’ required for that specific job role. This avoids the chance of missing a resume or application due to an overload of CVs.

KPI: Time-to-fill refers to the entire timeline of events in the hiring process – from the job posting to the acceptance of the offer letter. The average time to fill a position is close to 42 days. The longer a position is open, the more money and time the business spends each day.

Use Cases: Here are some of the processes you can automate to reduce time-to-fill—

●Candidate screening
●Resume parsing
●Communication with candidates

3. Providing a Positive Candidate Experience:

Build meaningful relationships with your potential candidates and provide valuable updates on hiring decisions. This can help maintain a warm talent pipeline that’ll yield consistent results.

4. Avoid Unconscious Bias:

Everyday problem: A common hiring issue when manually screening CVs. With the right recruitment workflow that is both objective and analytical, diversity in hiring efforts can be improved.

Recruitment Automations

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