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Who needs a CRM System?

Thinking about introducing a CRM system into your business?

Well, you’re in for some good Regardless of the industry you’re in, you have an awful lot to gain. Did you know that the healthcare industry leans on CRM systems? This handy app assists them to keep a neat record of referrals, patient histories, and previous visits. Not just this, but it’s also super helpful in tracking the commission tracking and invoicing. Now, if you take a peek into the world of eCommerce, CRM systems have quite a significant role too. From managing eCommerce sales processes to attracting new customers, from running email campaigns to maintaining communication with existing clients – you’ll find a CRM system at the heart of it all.

A CRM system in the financial/ investment sector helps store and organize data, and identify new opportunities for business growth. The hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors track room reservations and past bookings to dishing out promotional emails – in the CRM system! Think the beauty business is old school and wouldn’t need a CRM system? Think again! The CRM system here facilitates lead generation, manages automated bookings and marketing.

For any organization with an HR department, a CRM system can step in as an efficient organizer, maintaining a well-structured database of employees, tracking their activity, and scheduling one-on-one calls just as easily.

The IT industry too, has not remained untouched by the convenience of a CRM system. Most IT sales departments seem to have a good hand-in-hand relationship with CRM systems. It aids this sector in generating new leads, going for fresh deals, and even helps in sending out those all-important marketing emails!