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Workflow Automations

Customizing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system involves tailoring the platform to suit specific business needs, workflows, and requirements. We configure and customize your CRM process, including workflow automations to better align it with your business, marketing and/or ecommerce strategy.


Define Deliverables

Plan Customization

Configure App

Demo and Validate

Find what works best.

  • Discuss and define requirements, pain points, and appropriate use cases.
  • Outline change management strategies including the scope, timeline, resources required.
  • Prioritize customization tasks based on urgency, impact on operations, and alignment with business goals.
  • Validate customization against use cases, simulate real-world scenarios, and gather feedback from users for refinements.
  • Make iterative refinements based on evolving business needs, changing requirements, and feedback received.


Success Stories

Discover the impact of our work through our clients' stories.