Zero Bounce Connect By UPro - User Guide

The best-in-class evabot extension for ZOHo CRM that will elevate your client relations to the next level.

How to install Zero Bounce Connect by UPro?

Go to “Zoho Marketplace”

Search for ‘Zero Bounce Connect by UPro’

Click on the thumbnail to purchase

Once purchased, agree to the terms and conditions offered


Choose users or profiles according to your preference

Go to Marketplace>All>Installed>Zero Bounce Connect by UPro>Zero Bounce API Key

You can find the API key in your Zero Bounce Account > Integrations >API Keys and Info.

Copy the API Key and paste it in the  ‘Zero Bounce API’ Key Field in Zoho CRM. 

How to use Zero Bounce Connect by UPro while creating a new lead/contact

Click on “Leads” and go to “Create Lead”. Replicate the process for creating a Contact.

Fill in all the information required and click on “Save”

*Make sure to enter an email address associated with the lead in order for the plugin to work. 

The system will take 20 seconds to process the Email Address. 

Go to the Lead page and you can see the status and sub status updated. 

When status = invalid, the email address provided does not exist. 


If you already have a list of leads then Zero Bounc Connect by UPro can be used to process bulk leads as well.


Once you have uploaded/added the leads/contacts, go to the leads/contacts page. 

Make sure include the ‘Status’ and ‘Sub Status’ columns in the display settings. 

Select all contacts/leads

Wait for a few seconds to get notified

Now, check the status of the leads

Uninstalling the extension

Go to Setup > Marketplace > All

Under All Extension, you can view all the installed extensions.

Browse for “Zero Bounce Connect by UPro” and click the corresponding Uninstall Link.

Click OK to confirm and uninstall the extension.