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Zero Bounce Connect for
Zoho CRM

Zerobounce Connect User Guide

Zerobounce connect user guide
Prerequisite for ZeroBounce Extension
  • Zero Bounce API key is needed to call the APIs

How to get the Zero Bounce API keys:

  1. Log in to your Zero Bounce Account:
  2. Copy the existing API key or create a new app and copy:
Zerobounce connect user guide

How to Install the extension?

To Install the extension:
1.Navigate to Setup > Marketplace >All in Zoho CRM
2. Select ‘All Extensions’. Search for ‘Zero Bounce for Zoho CRM’ 
3. Click ‘Install’
4. Agree to the Terms of Service and Authorize Zero bounce for Zoho CRM to access your data as required.
Zerobounce connect user guide

5. Select one of the following options in ‘Choose Users/ Profile.’

  • Install for admin only
  • Install for all users
  • And then, Choose Profiles

6. Click ‘Confirm’

Zerobounce connect user guide

7. On the Configuration Page, Navigate to Extension Setting

Zerobounce connect user guide

8. Enter the ‘Access Token’ in the API Key input box.

9. After completing the installation, open the Marketplace under settings and confirm the installation of the Upwise Zero Bounce Extension for ZOHO CRM.

Zerobounce connect user guide

10. Select Extension settings:

  • Enable Automated Email verification

  • Notify when API credits are less than << user entry>>

  • Notify when API Key is invalid

How to Use the ‘Zero Bounce’ Extension?

Verify Email Address
  • Manual Email Verification 

When ‘ Enable Automated Email verification = N’

  1. Select the CRM record(s) within Lead or Contacts module.

  2. Select the “Validate Email” Button in the list view for the module or page view for the record

Zerobounce Connect
  1. The extension runs verification for the Email address(s) in Zero Bounce

Zerobounce Connect for Zoho CRM

4. If the system determines the Email as valid, it updates the Email status to ‘Valid’.

5. If the system determines the Email as not valid, it updates the Email status to ‘Invalid’.

Zerobounce connect
Zerobounce Connect user guide
  • Automated Email Verification 

When ‘Enable Automated Email verification = Y’

 1. Lead or Contact record is created or Email for Lead or Contact record is updated (Refer to Image 9)

2. The extension runs verification for the Email address(s) in Zero Bounce

Zerobounce user guide
  • Mass Verification 

1. Select records to validate

2. Select Validate Email button

API Credits

Notify when API credits are less than <>: A notification for an insufficient credit limit is generated when the credits available within Zero Bounce is less than (user entered limit).

API Key Error

Notify when API Key is invalid: Zero Bounce generates a notification if it encounters an error with the API key.


Verification messages

 1. When email status = null and record is manually selected for verification

  • Single selection: Email verified in Zero Bounce

  • Multi selection: # email address verified in Zero Bounce

2. When the email status is not updated, users manually select records for verification.

  • Single selection: Email is already verified in Zero Bounce

  • Multi selection: No records identified for verification. Please modify selection criteria. 

Email notifications

1. Notify when API credits are less than <“user limit”>

 2. Notify when API Key is invalid

  • Automatic validation only when appropriate setting in enabled at time of installing the extension.

  • Automatic validation will run on data imports into Leads and Contacts

  • Automatic or manual email verification will run only for records with Email status = null.

  • When automation is selected, the system automatically sets the subdomain to Null and updates the email status if the email id for Leads or Contact records is updated.

  • Extension returns the verification status as returned by the Zero Bounce service and does not apply any validations to check the returned response.

  • Finally, API Credits and API Key error checks are daily scheduled actions that are preset and cannot be updated after installation.

Uninstalling the extension

1. Go to Setup > Marketplace > All > Installed

2. Under All Installed Application, view the Zero Bounce Application and select the link to Uninstall.

Zerobounce connect

3. Click Ok to confirm and uninstall the Zero Bounce Extension. 

Zero Bounce Status Information

ZB Email StatusValid
Checking the status of email validation refers to assessing the results or condition of the process for a specific email address, aiding users in evaluating the quality and deliverability of their email list and ultimately improving email deliverability rates.
ZB Additional Statushas_dnsDNS records are crucial for directing emails to the correct mail servers as they suggest that the domain is set up properly, which can positively influence email deliverability.
has_dns_mxThe domain is configured to handel email traffic improving the chances of successful email delivery
bad_syntaxIt refers to an issue with the structure or format of an email address, which means there are errors in its composition.
free_email_hostIdentifying that the email address is hosted by a free email service provider helps users distinguish between personal and business emails, and understand the potential implications for email marketing.
role_accountIt refers to an email address that us associated with a specific role or function within an organization rater than an individual.
ProfanityIt is maintaining a professional and respectful email communication environment
disposable_emailRefers to an email address that belongs to a disposable email service. These address may lead to a higher risk of bouncing or being inactive over time
government_hostThis could include email adresses belonging to govt organizations , agencies or departments
academic_hostIdentifying an email address associated with an educational institution can be useful for businesses or organizations to categorize recipients based on their affiliation with academic hosts, aiding in targeted communication strategies.
military_hostIdentifying an email address associated with a military domain can be useful for businesses or organizations to segment their email lists based on the nature of the recipients, enhancing targeted communication efforts.
international_hostINT designated domain names.
squatter_hostHost likely intended to look like a big-time provider (type of spam trap)
spelling_mistakeThe input was misspelled
bad_dnsThere are problems with the DNS records of the domain to which the email belongs to
temporary_dns_errorThis mmight occur due to temporary network issues, server unavailability or ther transient problems
connect_failsUnable to connect to remote host.
accepts_allRemote host accepts mail at any address.
contains_aliasThe email address supplied contains an address part and an alias part.
contains_subdomainThe host in the address contained a subdomain.
smtp_connectableWe were able to connect to the remote mail server.
spamtrap_networkHost is affiliated with a known spam trap network.
historical_responseIndicates the result was generated using the historical-driven algorithm