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What is Cold Email outreach ?

Are you trying to reach out to potential customers who do not know you or your business?

Cold email outreach is to send a personalized email message to kickstart a conversation and establish a relationship with prospective customers the organization or the sender has had previous contact.

In content marketing, businesses typically use cold outreach emails to promote their services and form collaborations with potential partners. The outreach design and ultimate goal aim to gain benefits in terms of sales, opportunities, or new contacts with whom the business has had no prior relationship or connection.

Is Cold email outreach the same as Email marketing?

It is easy to confuse cold outreach email with email marketing. Both are powerful, tested approaches, but have very different outcomes. The former is a very effective strategy for reaching new prospects and closing deals, the latter is to send targeted emails to a subscriber list that have opted to receive these emails. 

The goal is to build a lasting relationship with the customers or subscribers in this case, by providing them with value at regular intervals. In the case of email marketing, the relationship between the business and the receiver is very different from that of cold email outreach. Businesses use email marketing mostly for their inbound sales efforts.

What are the advantages of using a tool for email outreach?

  • Reach your entire prospect list at once and create outreach campaigns that include automated follow-ups.
  • Personalize your email with recipient-specific links
  • Pause sequences triggered by prospect actions such as a reply or unsubscribe.

When do you need to use cold email outreach?

You can conduct cold email outreach through email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, and cold calling for:

  • Lead generation
  • List building
  • Networking
  • Recruitment etc.

How to plan a cold outreach email?

A Cold email strategy is one of the hardest to execute well. Feedback is not received in real-time making it harder to update the approach. However, if done correctly, cold emailing can yield positive results. Here is a short blueprint on how to build an emailing strategy:

What product or service are you offering?

  • Who would be interested – define the ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Persona.
  • When should you reach out to your prospects for the best results?
  • How many follow-up emails & in what sequence?

Why use a tool for cold email outreach?

A tool is required to keep track of every prospect and measure the outreach campaign’s effectiveness (open, response, click-through rates, etc.). A cold email tool helps to streamline every aspect of the cold email process, from personalization to follow-ups to reporting. The tool allows users to send multiple emails at a scale larger than regular email clients. In addition, these tools employ sophisticated verification techniques to ensure correct email delivery and provide customizable email options to boost outbound sales efforts.

Functionalities in a cold email tool

There are basically four features required in any of the email software tools:

  • Validate email addresses
  • Allow personalized emails
  • Automation for drip campaigns
  • Set up scheduled deliveries

Can Mailshake be used as a cold email outreach tool?

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that allows marketing teams to create campaigns and pipelines to nurture and convert prospects into qualified leads. When directly integrated with a robust CRM like ZOHO, the prospecting initiated by SEOs or the Marketing team via outreach campaigns and the successful engagements returned can be synced as Leads in real time in ZOHO CRM for the Sales professionals working on ZOHO CRM.

Now use Mailshake Connect for ZOHO CRM to connect your ZOHO CRM with Mailshake and track all cold outreach campaigns right from within ZOHO CRM. For more info, see user guide for Mailshake connect.